Windsor® Vac Pac HEPA Back Vacuum - 6 qt.

Windsor® Vac Pac HEPA Back Vacuum - 6 qt.

Item # WIN1.014-013.0

  • This machine features a 1.7 hp vacuum motor that is sure to lift dirt, dust, and grime from your carpets for a great clean.
  • Vacuum motor: 1.7 HP; Waterlift: 104"; Airflow: 112 cfm
  • Vacuum hose: 5' x 1.5"; Operating noise level: 57 dBA
  • Weight: 10-11 lbs.
6 Qt., ea
Alternate #10140130

A portable, back-mounted vacuum that increases productivity, efficiency while saving you money and now it features HEPA quality air filtration standard. With increasingly more attention paid to indoor air quality, high levels of filtration from your cleaning equipment is even more important then ever. Rest assured that our vacuums include standard HEPA filtration for 99.9% effectiveness to 0.3 microns, making it the perfect choice in dust sensitive areas.


  • Hip-mounted power switch. A conveniently located power switch rests at hip level within easy view of the operator. The positioning of this switch means that operators can easily turn the vacuum on and off.
  • Greater mobility is easily achieved with the swivel hose connection that allows you to go more places with this machine.
  • To ensure ultimate air quality this machine is designed with four-stage vacuum filtration.