Pyure Boss™ Air Purifier

Pyure Boss™ Air Purifier


  • The Boss[TM] hydroxyl generator is designed for larger spaces and environments that require professional cleaning (to sanitize and deodorize).
  • Treatment range (ft2): 1,500 - 2,500
  • Voltage: 120v @ 60Hz/230V @ 50Hz
  • Power: 230 Watts (Max)
  • Number of optics: 2; Fan rating: 110-230 ft3/m
  • Washable filter: 9" x 18" x 1"; Weight: 39 lbs.
  • Certification: ETL US/Canada, CE, RoHS, REACH
  • Dimensions: 18.25" L x 12.1" W x 25.3" D
1,500-2,500 sq ft, ea
Alternate #PYURE-BOSS

How Pyure Technology® Kills the COVID-19 Virus in
Air and on Surfaces

Pyure uses ultraviolet (UV) energy to mimic the way sunlight sanitizes our outdoor environment by safely generating and diffusing hydroxyls and organic oxidants indoors. The hydroxyls react with volatile organic compounds (VOC) to generate powerful organic oxidants.

Pyure Technology® produces the same concentrations of hydroxyls and organic oxidants that are naturally present in our outdoor environment

Purifies and sanitizes air

  • Kills airborne viruses, bacteria and mold
  • Neutralizes and decomposes VOC and other chemicals

Sanitizes surfaces and porous materials

  • Kills viruses, bacteria, yeast and mold
  • Does not negatively impact materials

Eliminates odors

  • Cigarette Smoke
  • Chemical odors
  • Mildew

Pyure Technology® is Safe and Effective

Airborne hydroxyls are safe and natural sanitizing agents.

This portable unit can be used in large offices, retail, senior living and school spaces, and in industrial applications including restoration and remediation following fire or water damage.